Rebuilding Lives: Victim’s Struggle and the Emergence of Support

The earthquake that struck on November 3 left a trail of devastation in Jajarkot, damaging 45 health institutions and 208 school buildings. Amid the heart-wrenching aftermath, the challenges mount as five lives were lost due to the cold, particularly affecting the chronically ill, elderly, pregnant women, and children in the quake-hit region.

In the midst of this turmoil, the festival of Tihar arrived but failed to bring its customary joy to the earthquake victims. The district, grappling with mourning, injuries, and homelessness, observed a muted celebration. Those who lost relatives in the earthquake are yet to receive cash relief, compounding their woes.

The quake not only claimed lives and homes but also snatched away livelihoods. Nayapatrika mentioned that, right now there shall be a queue of young people going to India for work. However, after losing their homes due to the earthquake, the residents have neither been able to go to India nor have any work in the village. The earthquake’s impact has disrupted mental health, leading to the initiation of counseling services to address the psychological trauma faced by the victims.

Despite these challenges, signs of hope emerge. The European Union (EU) has approved a €2 million aid package to provide relief to those affected by the earthquake. According to Nayapatrika, model houses for earthquake victims are being constructed without government subsidy, a commendable effort led by Vishal Sharma, the former mayor of Rukum Paschim’s Chaurjahari municipality. Additionally, the Chinese Communist Party has pledged relief materials worth over two and a half million for the affected areas.

The plight of the quake victims has garnered support from local bodies in Mahottari, Humla, and Syanjha, who are extending help to alleviate the suffering. In this ongoing narrative of recovery, it is essential to highlight the pressing issues of mental health and the harsh conditions faced by the quake-affected populace, as the community works collectively towards rebuilding lives in the wake of this devastating earthquake.

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