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Who We are

Dedicated youths working towards positive transformation in Nepal’s development sector. 

Mission & Values

Immediate relief and long-term reconstruction of School.

Our Goal

Build anti seismic reconstruction school infrastructure in West Nepal. 

Since the devastating earthquake in 2015, our organization and partners have successfully reconstructed 12 educational institutions in various regions of the country, leaving a lasting positive effect on the community by strengthening social connections and relationships. Furthermore, our team has been working tirelessly to address critical humanitarian needs during the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those challenges that posed a serious threat to public health. Our organization also has experience conducting empirical studies on maternal and child health projects and initiatives, as well as equipping youth with research techniques and knowledge to address emerging development-related crises. Our team has worked with local governments by providing assistance for regenerative development consultation and advocacy for good governance policymaking.

West Nepal Rebuilding Project has already started with the preliminary Research works and Media Monitoring. The First Phase of work will be to equip the communities and the schools with temporary shelter & warm clothes in order to help them in their rehabilitation process especially to combat with the ongoing winter season and those heavy conditions they are exposed to, so we do not lose more lives.

The collaborative, multi-institutional approach seeks to cultivate a sense of belonging and compassion for the public good. Notably, the project focuses on rebuilding the Sarswati Primary School in Nalgad, Jajarkot, catering to 61 students aged 3-13.


Be a Moral Supporter/Contributor

Your advice, ideas and consultation makes a difference. 

Be a Resource Contributor

Share your resource either time or some funds to make transformation possible and difference visible.

Be a Volunteer

Get Involved in our Engaged Community Transformative Initiatives and share your learnings with us.

Collaborating Partners

A Multi Institutional Moral Communities and Resource Collaborators

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Collaborating Partners


Your support transforms lives! Contribute to building temporary classrooms, providing essential supplies, and reconstructing School. Join us in healing and building a brighter future for the children of West Nepal.

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