Battling the Cold and Crises: Jajarkot’s Post-Earthquake Struggle

The aftermath of the earthquake in Jajarkot and Rukum west has left many homeless, seeking refuge under makeshift tents as the cold season sets in, claiming the lives of 11 individuals who had initially survived the quake. Health institutions, unable to operate in damaged facilities, are forced to provide services from temporary shelters, leaving earthquake-affected patients vulnerable.

Two weeks on, displaced individuals continue to shiver under flimsy tents, grappling with the harsh conditions exacerbated by the cold. The delay in government aid poses a significant hurdle, with lives succumbing to the cold post-earthquake. The dire situation is further complicated by the loss of roofs during the earthquake, burying stored food supplies and leaving survivors reliant on relief efforts for nutrition.

The earthquake has not only rendered people homeless but also escalated the risk of a food crisis in Jajarkot and Rukum west. Stored grain and food buried in the destroyed houses, coupled with the inability to harvest crops, deepen concerns about a looming food shortage. Local authorities warn of a potential crisis unless timely food distribution is prioritized.

Despite these challenges, signs of support and relief are emerging. Schools, though operating under the open sky, are resuming classes after the earthquake. Financial aid from Nepal SBI, food assistance from Siddhartha Bank, and relief materials worth NRs 5.5 million from Sipradi contribute to the collective efforts to alleviate the suffering of earthquake victims.

As the region grapples with the cold, hunger, and the aftermath of the earthquake, these collective efforts become instrumental in providing much-needed relief and hope to the affected communities in Jajarkot and Rukum.

Media Source: The Rising Nepal, Annapurna Post, The Kathmandu Post, The Himalayan Times, Kantipur, Swasthakhabar, Onlinekhabar, Ratopati, Grokhapatra, Nayapatrika.

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