Championing Young Girls: Balprakash School Girls Shine at Municipality Level Sports Competition

We at Community Innovation Organization (CIO) are bursting with pride today as we celebrate a remarkable achievement by the young girls of Balprakash School in Roshi Village, Kavre. Supported by CIO’s ongoing programs in computer education, leadership development, kitchen gardening, and most recently, sports, these talented athletes secured a stunning runner-up position at the recent municipality level sports competition!

Their hard work, dedication, and sheer talent were evident throughout the competition, inspiring everyone who witnessed their performance. This victory is not only a testament to their individual potential but also a powerful illustration of the transformative impact that holistic development programs can have on young lives.

At CIO, we understand that a healthy and well-rounded education extends far beyond the classroom. We believe that sports play a crucial role in fostering physical and mental well-being, instilling discipline, and encouraging teamwork and collaboration. This is why we are committed to supporting the sports program at Balprakash School, ensuring that these young athletes have access to proper training, equipment, and nutritional support to reach their full potential.

Suman (CIO School Program Coordinator) with girls of Balprakash School, after achieving second position in Municipality Level Sports Competition

Together, we can ensure that these girls have the resources and opportunities they need to shine on the field and beyond.

Let’s invest in the future of these young athletes and build a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant community!

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