A Journey of Growth : My Internship At Rural Municipality Of Bakaiya, Nepal

  • Akshay A S

Internships provide invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth. The decision to intern at the Rural Municipality of Bakaiya in Nepal was a transformative experience, exceeding all expectations. This blog post will delve into the immersive journey of growth during my internship, highlighting the profound impact on my perspective, learnings, reflections and skills.

Overview of the internship program

The internship program at the Rural Municipality of Bakaiya under the facilitation of CIO (Community Innovation Organisation) aimed to provide hands-on experience in community projects, collaboration with local NGOs and organizations, and insights into rural governance and administration. The organisations (Schools, hospitals, etc.)comes under the Local Self Government and their working in Nepal and as of Kerala(India) was another insight which got from the internship.

The decision to intern at CIO and Rural Municipality of Bakaiya

The decision to intern at CIO (Community Innovation Organisation) and Rural Municipality of Bakaiya was driven by a desire to contribute to rural development initiatives, gain practical experience, and immerse in a different cultural setting. Working in an international NGO, getting new experience and exposure , etc was also a motive. The community development initiatives and engagement by the NGO added a special interest in me to take part with them. Their mission, which is to facilitate community development through innovation and collaboration in the areas of food, nutrition, gender and social inclusion, public health, climate change and environment etc. seems to match with the objectives of my course MSW Disaster Management also gave the
interest to take part my internship with them.

Expectations before starting the internship

Before starting the internship, I anticipated challenges, such as language barriers, cultural differences, and opportunities for personal growth. Little did I know the profound impact it would have on my perspective and skills. I expected basically that it will give me a life time opportunity to not only work in a different country, but rather developing my self to a little better than my current self. Expecting the worst situation ever could happen, was one of the expectation I ever fixed and carried with me.

Immersion in Rural Culture

Living in the local community of Bakaiya provided a unique opportunity to immerse in the daily lifestyle of the villagers, embrace their traditions, and engage with local government officials. As the working was with the Local Self Government and the schools in the Rural Municipality, experiencing and learning the working structure of the organisations, engaging with children, experiencing and embracing the barriers etc was a tremendous experience. Apart from the culture of native country, the rural culture or the culture of Nepal was a new experience. Some of the experiences made so many questions, anxieties, curiosities and each on of them got me thrilled and encouraged searching for more.

Embracing the daily lifestyle of the villagers

From farming practices to cultural celebrations, embracing the daily lifestyle of the villagers shed light on the importance of community, sustainability, and traditional knowledge in rural areas. The daily life style not only limited to their work , but their daily routines, food ,relations in the neighbourhood etc are also part of it.

Engaging with the local government officials

Engaging with the local government officials provided insight into the decision-making processes, resource allocation, and challenges faced by rural municipalities. The differences in the system of governance of the country and that of my native country was the clear insight got from them. Collaboration with key stakeholders was essential in driving impactful change in the community.

Learning Opportunities

The internship at the Rural Municipality of Bakaiya offered a multitude of learning opportunities, from hands-on experience in teaching in schools, training in the schools, take part in different programmes under the Municipality, community projects etc. to gaining insights into rural governance and administration.

Hands-on experience in community projects

Participating in community projects such as school infrastructure development, health infrastructure , tourism promotion initiatives and environmental conservation initiatives provided practical experience in project management, teamwork, and community engagement. Developing projects and ideas in agriculture and education gave a valuable lesson that of prioritisings the needs of the community and its people.

Collaborating with Local Self Government organizations

Collaborating with Local Self Government organizations allowed for networking, knowledge exchange, and a holistic approach to addressing community needs. Learning from experienced professionals in the field enriched my understanding of sustainable development practices.

Gaining insights into rural governance and administration

Understanding the mechanisms of rural governance and administration highlighted the importance of transparency, accountability, and community participation in decision-making processes. The intricate balance between local needs and government policies shaped my approach to community development. The practice to which ensuring the community participation and their approval by conducting meetings and discussions among them including every was considered to be one of the best practices I ever seen.

Personal Transformation

The internship at the CIO and Rural Municipality of Bakaiya facilitated personal transformation through overcoming challenges, developing empathy, and building confidence and communication skills.

Overcoming challenges and adapting to a new environment

Navigating cultural differences, language barriers, and logistical challenges required adaptability, resilience, and open-mindedness. Overcoming these challenges fostered personal growth and a deeper connection with the local community.

Developing empathy and understanding towards rural communities

Interacting with rural residents, hearing their stories, and witnessing their resilience instilled a sense of empathy, compassion, and solidarity. Understanding the realities of rural communities transformed my perspective and fuelled a passion for sustainable development.

Building confidence and communication skills through interactions

Engaging with diverse stakeholders, leading community initiatives, and advocating for local needs honed my communication skills, leadership abilities, and confidence. Effective communication was key in fostering collaboration and driving positive change in the community.

Impact and Reflection

Contributing to the development initiatives of the Rural Municipality of Bakaiya left a lasting impact on the community and inspired reflections on personal growth, lessons learned, and future engagement with rural development.

Contributing to the development initiatives of the rural municipality

Active participation in community projects, capacity-building workshops, and teaching etc contributed to tangible improvements in education, environment, and governance within the Rural Municipality of Bakaiya. The impact of sustainable development initiatives underscored the importance of collective action and grassroots empowerment.

Reflecting on the lessons learned and growth achieved

Reflecting on the internship experience revealed newfound skills, perspectives, and values that shaped my professional trajectory and personal identity. The transformative journey of growth instilled a sense of purpose, resilience, and empathy that continues to guide my actions and decisions. The notable changes that bring upon me by the internships will be a milestone to my entire life.

Future perspectives on continuing engagement with rural development

The internship at the Rural Municipality of Bakaiya ignited a passion for rural development, community empowerment, and sustainable practices. A commitment to ongoing engagement with rural communities, advocacy for inclusive policies, and collaboration with local stakeholders remains a priority for future endeavours.

Summary and FAQs

Recap of the key takeaways from the internship experience

The internship at the CIO and Rural Municipality of Bakaiya was a transformative journey of growth, learning, and impact. Immersion in rural culture, learning opportunities, personal transformation, and contributions to community development were key highlights of the experience.

Addressing common questions about interning at rural municipalities in Nepal

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  3. How can I make a sustainable impact in rural communities through internship

Encouragement for others to seek similar life-changing opportunities

Interning at a rural municipality and community in Nepal offers a unique chance to make a meaningful difference, gain practical experience, and cultivate empathy for rural communities. Embracing the journey of growth through immersive experiences, learning opportunities, personal transformation, and community impact can reshape perspectives and inspire future endeavours.

Embrace the transformative power of internships in rural areas and embark on a journey of growth that leaves a lasting impact on communities and individuals alike.


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