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Environmental health is crucial for our well-being as it encompasses the interaction between humans and their surroundings. Factors like air and water quality, climate, soil quality, waste management, and community cleanliness all contribute to this. Community Innovation Organization is working in several parts of Nepal to assess the current state of environmental health, identify areas for improvement, and devise actionable strategies.

Sanitation is the foundation of a healthy community. Access to clean water, proper waste disposal systems, and sanitary practices are critical for disease prevention. We worked closely with the local community to promote sanitation practices and raise hygiene awareness. Our survey that was done in Budhiganga Municipality by HEARD Nepal in collaboration with Community Innovation Organization (CIO) revealed some concerning waste disposal practices in Budhiganga Municipality. A significant number of respondents reported open burning, indiscriminate waste disposal, and even disposal in rivers, canals, or sewage systems. These actions not only contribute to environmental pollution but also endanger public health. It is clear that there is a need for education and awareness about proper waste management practices in the community. By addressing these issues and promoting responsible waste disposal, we can make a difference.

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the need for effective public health measures. In these challenging times, we have increased our efforts to raise COVID-19 awareness. According to a survey conducted by HEARD Nepal in collaboration with Community Innovation Organization (CIO) and CAFODAT College, a total of 313 individuals out of 397 have been vaccinated in Budhiganga Municipality. We are actively promoting COVID-19 vaccination and making progress in safeguarding the community’s health. Our organization is adding Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) of Tarkeshwor municipality in Kathmandu Metropolitan City as a hub for empowering the community to combat the virus through health surveys and the distribution of essential resources. We believe that knowledge and preparation are key to resilience. Female Community Health Workers (FCHVs) play a vital role in bridging the gap between healthcare providers and the local population. Through training, resources, and support, we empower them to become agents of change and champions of health in their communities.

Community Innovation Organization remains dedicated to promoting environmental health, sanitation, and COVID-19 awareness worldwide. By actively engaging the community and fostering ownership, we strive to establish a culture of environmental awareness, improved sanitation practices, and resilient communities capable of withstanding current and future challenges. Working together, we can achieve a healthier, cleaner, and more resilient future.


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