3 Days Professional Environmental Assessment Training

We successfully wrap up the three-day professional Environmental Assessment Training. The training was organized by Concern Nepal in collaboration with CIO. It was held in Buddhanagar, Kathmandu.

As organizers, we were privileged to witness the remarkable journey of these 14 individuals as they evolved into knowledgeable and passionate environmental stewards. The transformation was inspiring, as participants transitioned from eager learners to empowered professionals ready to drive positive change in their respective spheres.

This training was more than just an academic endeavor—it was a transformative experience that nurtured the growth and development of the participants’ careers. At Community Innovation Organization (CIO), our mission is to foster innovation, collaboration, and sustainable progress. This training serves as a testament to our commitment, as it empowered individuals to champion environmental assessment practices and contribute to the betterment of our planet. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Concern Nepal Private Limited for hosting this impactful event and to all the participants who made this journey truly exceptional.

Day One of the training was filled with insightful discussions, as we delved into the fundamental principles of Environmental Assessment. The participants were introduced to PEA concepts, which activities or projects require EA, when to do PEA, How to do PEA and each concepts of Environmental Assessments were clearly emphasized. Led by an experienced environmental inspector turned trainer, the days sessions laid the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of Environmental Assessment.

Day Two was equally engaging, as we dived into the legal perspectives, how to choose formats for the report preparation, what are the basis of screening (EIA/ IEE/ BES), Approval requirements, submission requirements, What after approval process? , Legal perspectives, Impact identification and evaluation, what can be the mitigation measures, and all the legal documents that are needed for the process.  

Day Three, the final day of the training was dedicated to bridging the gap between theory and practical implementation. Participants were exposed to various instruments and devices to develop baseline informations; air quality measurement, noise quality measurement, soil sample collection, how to use GPS and other physical, biological and socio-economic components that should be considered during the assessment process. This hands-on experience equipped them with the means to apply their knowledge in real world scenarios.

As we conclude this chapter, we look forward to witnessing the ripple effect of this training as participants carry the torch of environmental stewardship forward. Stay tuned for more updates, events, and initiatives that exemplify the spirit of innovation and positive change. Together, we can create a greener, more sustainable world. 🌱🌍

We regularly organize the 3 days Environmental Assessment Trainings. Click here for registration.


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